Dr. William S. Arnott, a retired licensed psychologist, provides a wealth of information on his site:  The Shrink.  His many years of experience, deep insight, and godly wisdom and knowledge will help you in many areas of your life.  He speaks of your uniqueness, God's universe, and so much more!  His Therapy Room pages contain pamphlets on stress, tension, and relaxation.  You will learn successful relaxation techniques that you can apply.

You will also be able to read excerpts from Dr. Arnott's book, Why Not Do God?  In his excerpt from Chapter 6, "Reactions to and Results of Limitations, " Dr. Arnott states:  "The most devastating limitation is one that we most often impose on ourselves, having received impetus from our earlier experiences.  It is that of feeling insecure, worthless or inferior.  I point this out as being the most powerful tool of Satan--his most powerful tool, his most vicious lie.  No one is worthless!"

As a believer the most powerful tool you have is the Word of God (the sword of the Spirit).  When you are tempted to believe the lies and deception of Satan, you can speak God's Word into that situation just as Jesus spoke the Word when Satan tempted Him with lies.  Jesus answered Satan with, "It is written..." (Matthew 4:1-11).

In order to be able to speak the Word, you must know the Word and how it applies to every situation in your life.  The "In Christ, I am..." book is designed to help you to know who you are in Christ.  When you are tempted to believe lies about your life and who you are, you'll know what is written in the Word.  You'll be equipped with the sword of the Spirit and the shield of faith with which you'll be able to quench all the fiery darts of the devil (Ephesians 6:16-17).

Affirm daily who you are in Christ!  Don't believe the lies.  In Christ, you are worthy! In Christ, you are above only and not beneath!  In Christ, you are secure and loved!

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