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Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
by Krystal Kuehn

This poem is dedicated to everyone who has ever been hurt, confused, led astray, or turned off to God
and Christianity because of the hypocrisy of someone who called himself or herself a Christian.

Wolves in sheep's clothing; They come in Your name
Pastors, teachers and leaders using the Gospel for selfish gain

They preach using Your words; Telling us right from wrong
And fearlessly praise You singing their sacred song

With beautiful prayers they tell all the Words' worth
Teaching all about the Lord Jesus and the new birth

They say that they love You with their heart, soul, and mind
Yet they will use, cheat, lie, and oppress, hurt and bind

It doesn't make sense; They leave one to wonder
How they could say one thing and do quite another

Deceitful and cunning; They lead many astray
Turning hearts from you Lord, confused and left in array

We don't understand it when we can't separate them from You
Help us focus on Your goodness and not what they do

Oh, Lord, hear our cries of frustration; don't leave us alone
Let Your light open our eyes and lead us back home

Oh, hear our prayers to know You, to grow closer than ever before
Mend our broken hearts to trust you so much more

Help us pray for the wounded, the disenchanted and naive
For the wolves in sheep's clothing and all those they deceive

Thank you Lord Jesus, the Shepherd of our soul
Wherever you lead us is where we will go

Keep us from falling, from going astray
Guide us by Your light; Teach us Your ways

Help us to walk with You, to learn as we are growing
And protect us from evil and from wolves in sheep's clothing

Copyright 2001 Krystal Kuehn
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