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The Price
by Bridgette Case

This poem was written for my sister who did not serve God day by day, she merely asked for what she wanted and lived her life as she wanted and not according to what God wanted.  I feel many people think they can "do it their way" and not worry about God's plans, and still reach heaven by being a good person, or not stealing, cheating or committing crimes.  Too often people die without having knowledge of the Bible and it's meaning or without knowing what it really means to be a Christian.  To me, this poem serves as an encouragement to people by making them think about how they treat God and what will happen if they continue to shun His love.

So many times He caught your tears and dried your pain soaked eyes.
Over and over He repaired your heart and the breaks He could smoothly hide.
He held your hand when adversity tore your wall of security and made you weak.
But you needed him not when you once again regained your strength.
He gave you comfort when the storm of this world seemed on the attack.
Yet when the dark clouds settled you appeared to turn your back.
He protected and shielded you when you trembled with fear.
But when He tried to speak to you, His voice you could not hear.
You call upon Him in your desperate prayers for healing or relief,
yet when you life is tolerable He's the echo you don't repeat.
Each time He's with you, He feels your every thought.
Every ounce of pain you experience is a battle He has fought.
But the day will come when the world as we know it is gone
and we will all stand in judgment before God and His Son.
He'll recall you only needed Him when life was looking dim,
and He will say, "Depart from me", because you never really knew Him.