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The Greatest Gift
by Rachel Kusmer

The greatest gift I could give someone
Is not what you might first expect.
No glamorous riches, no palaces of gold,
No fashionable clothing, nor fame in the least.
I cannot give you wisdom or knowledge.
I cannot make you popular,
Or hook you with the cutest girl or guy.
What could anyone want
From a simple young girl like me?
My love, my care, my friendship, myself?
That's only so much.

But I can give you a gift
That many kings could never offer you,
One that could change your life forever--
A story, a simple but true story.
Yet within it lies the deepest love, the purest hope.
The story of the God who created you,
And though you sinned against Him,
He wouldn't give up on you.
The story of a Man sent from God--
Jesus Christ, God's Son
Who chose to die for your sins,
And then came back to life
So you could be saved.
He'll be your Savior if you ask Him to.

Yes, I have a gift to give to you,
One greater than the gifts of this world,
And if you say yes to the one I tell you of
You are God's child and have a home in heaven.
This is the greatest gift I have to give.

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