I surrender my love to You
One who is always loving and always true
You know each of us individually
By your grace and mercy You set us free
You feed our hunger, quench our thirst
You give us blessings, when we should be cursed
You gave us your one and only son
To die on a cross, for the sin we begun
You gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live
The ultimate sacrifice so that we might believe
Through the journey of life, You are always there
In good times and bad, You show us You care
The greatest gift of all is your wondrous love
Which you shower upon us from heaven above
All you ask in return from us
Is to love you back, and give you our trust
To follow you in all of our ways
To have a relationship with you for all our days
So I surrender my love, all of my self to live for you
To you Lord God, who is always loving and always true

Surrender My Love to You
by Jill Alexander
to inspire and encourage
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