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Song of Mercy
by Jacqui Vinette Campbell
Come bathe in My mercy.  Come bask in My love.
Come taste of My greatness, I’m the Almighty One.
There’s no chain of sin that is stronger than Me.
Lean on My strength and soon you will see.
I will deliver you.  My ways are unknown;
But to you I’ll reveal all you need to know.
My ways are higher than you understand,
Trust in My love and hold onto My hand.
I won’t let you fall if you won’t let go.
My Word I give you.  My Word you should know.
You are My creation.  I complete what I start.
You’re My precious work.  You’re most dear to My heart.
I am your Father and you are My child.
Come now, please come, Come talk with Me, child.
Know that I love you, know that I care
To see you in sin is so hard to bare.
I bore your transgressions.  I’ll bare all your pain.
I’ll take all your burdens and remove all your shame.
Just come back home and let Me hold you.
I’ll cleanse you completely.   I won’t even scold you.
But I will rejoice, dance, shout and sing
For my precious baby has come home to Me.
Know who you are.  You’re a child of the King.
A precious creation made just for Me.
Know who you are, you were made by My hand
And I love you more than you understand.

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