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Roses for Ellen
by Anna Liza Casipe

The wind whispers back her name
At 16, so fine and fair
Her young heart filled with youthful dreams
Her juvenile mind wrapped with hopeful wishes
In the four corners of her kingdom called room 125
She reigns as a queen
Never leaves her noble throne
A throne made of rusty steel
A scepter made of wood
The morning breeze sweetly sings her name
Like a melody that cures the battered soul
A contrite spirit fighting a battle
Battle she knows she will never win
Time is long for those who wait
But to her time is all she needs
Time to gaze the glorious dawn
Time to face the setting sun
Time to breathe
Mourning voices echo in dead silence
The fading lights signals an end
Curtains roll down
For the show comes to cease
The queen waves down her wooden scepter
Whispers a bittersweet goodbye
It's time to leave her steely throne
For a journey of no return
Her kingdom called room 125
Is now vague and empty
Her steely wheelchair throne
And wooden cane scepter
Remains in pretty memory
Her courage and strength
To breathe in every golden minute
Is now a history
Each loving heart shouts back her name
And caring lips sing in refrain
In every eye and pretty smile
She lingers and always lives.....

Anna Liza P. Casipe
Iloilo City, Philippines