New Life
by Jill Alexander

How impossible it seems to be
That You could love someone such as me
You love me even though I sin
A new life is what you want me to begin
Before You, life was full of delusions
I did not know then, You were my one solution
I allowed sin to be my defeat
Life for me was not complete
Then I came to trust in You
You showed your heart full and true
You showered me with your amazing grace
You took me into your embrace
You showed me a love so new and strong
You gave me a world where I now belong
So I thank you Lord with all my heart
I thank you for my brand new start
May I follow You for all of my days
May You guide and lead me in all my ways
May I come to You in both good times and in bad
And entrust You a love we will always have.

Walking the Narrow Path
by Jill Alexander

Lord, I want to walk the narrow path with You
To walk in your ways, to grow and be true
I want to follow You Lord, to run the race
To share in your love and amazing grace
I choose your ways over mine
For it is your way that makes your light shine
You are my God, my Lord and my Saviour
It is for You, that I want to adapt my behaviour
You open up a whole new world for all who call on your name
And life after that is never again the same
I may not understand why things happen the way they do
But I can only have faith, and put my trust in You
Lord, I put my life in your hands
For my needs, only you can understand
to inspire and encourage
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