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What I Saw In the Mirror
by Krystal Kuehn
One day as I looked in the mirror
I saw something I usually don't see
Something deeper, almost hidden
It was my very soul looking at me

"Tell me, what do you see when you look at me?"
I heard from the depths of my soul
"And, why don't you always like the person you see?
What is it that you believe about me?"

I pondered these questions and then realized
Many things I believed about myself might be lies
So I sought to find out what my Father would say
And I asked Him to help me see things His way

So He showed me someone very different and true
Someone who looked more like Him than I ever knew
Made in God's image, and so precious to Him
With beauty and purpose and His life within

I began to see clearly as God opened my eyes
And I started to change from the inside
Then I decided to look in the mirror once more
And this time I saw who Jesus died for

The lost and the sinner, the poor and the lame
The hurting, the angry, and all those in pain
I saw the beauty in those He loves and in me
And how He can change a life for all eternity  

I saw His love, His goodness and mercy
I saw His amazing grace that abounds towards me
And how much He wants me to know that I can
Be all that in Christ He says that I am

Copyright 2005 Kuehn
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