by Cynthia Evans

Today you can do an act of kindness,
you can give support to another.
You can serve and seek to soothe
and be an encourager to a brother.

So many things you can do
to give God's love away,
so many ways to be a blessing
as you go about your day.

You can bake a chocolate cake
and put gas in someone's tank.
You can send someone a card
and think of someone to thank.

You can bring flowers to a friend
and pat a pal on the back.
You can listen to the lonely
and bring a hungry soul a snack.

Stop by to see someone who's sick.
Let someone have your parking place.
Notice somebody's new hair cut
and put a smile onto their face.

Rake a neighbor's leaves for them.
Do the dishes in the sink.
Pay a buddy's bill for him
and give the paper boy a drink.

All these ways to show God's grace
if only right now we'll start;
how much better they'll know Him well
if they see Him in our heart!!
to inspire and encourage
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