The Gift of Life
by Bruce W. Durbin
(copyright 2001)

Take a trip to the nursery of your local hospital.  Look at the cooing babies.  Look at the adoring family members.   Life is precious and the birth of a baby is a joyous occasion.    What parent could deny that their new baby is not the most beautiful baby to ever be born?  Birth is a gift to both the baby and the parent.

Genesis 2:7 states:

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."

Since God created Adam, physical life has always been a gift from God, but it is the soul that God breathes into each person that is the true gift of life.

In Matthew 25:14-30, a parable is told wherein a master gives his servants a varying number of talents.   A day of reckoning comes, when the master inquires of his servants regarding the talents.   The servants that added to the master's original gift, are commended, those servants that failed to add to the talents given by the master are admonished.

The moment that we are born into this world and take our first breath, our life becomes a gift, a treasure, something to be valued.  As a gift from God, what do we add to our lives that brings pleasure to God?

My father's hands handled the shovel that turned the soil, grasped the wrench that fixed cars, gripped the twine on bales of hay, and swung the handle of an ax that turned wood into firewood.

When my father worked with his hands, he worked with determination; he did not quit.  The occasions when scratches and cuts would be incurred, my father continued to work; until the job was done.

In times of happiness, sickness, struggles, sorrow, and happiness, my father raised his family with commitment; he did not quit.  The same hands that bled in hard work held his wife and children, with compassion and gentleness.

My father, look at your hands; they're rough and scarred.   They are beautiful.

My father, you not only gave me physical life, but you also showed me the path to eternal life through Jesus Christ.   You not only taught me the principles of Christian living, but you also set the example of Christian living.   Your words were your life.

People often talk about inheritance and what a man would leave his son.  People neglect to consider what a son would leave his father. 

I consider what inheritance I could possibly leave my father.  What have I done in my life and what possessions would bring him joy?  My father, I could only leave you one thing;  I know in my heart that you have loved me. The gift of life given to you has blossomed in the lives of those you have touched.


Bruce W. Durbin is a freelance writer, whose articles have featured on many Christian online publications.  He is also the author of Almost Heaven (Dec. 2001) and Almost Hell (July 2002) ( and

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