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Cast Your Burdens
Dedicated to Fred
by Jacqui Vinette Campbell
Son, why do you worry?
Remember who I am
I am the One who made the universe
I hold it in My hand
There is no situation that I cannot control
If you will let me have it
My faithfulness I’ll show
Cast your burdens to My feet
Come kneel before My throne
Let Me have your worries
Let your burdens be My own
I am the God who loves you
I am the One who heals all wounds
The Great Powerful Physician,
Is who I’ll be for you
Don’t take your anger to another
But bring it all to Me
My peace I’ll always give you
If My commandments you will keep
I love you My dear Son
Please put your faith in Me
I promise answers to your prayers
If you will just believe
Enter My courts with praises
Singing thanks in all life brings
I linger in the praises
That to Me My children sing
Come in the name of Jesus
And ask Me what you will
Then watch Me keep My promises
And let your spirit then be still
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In Christ, I am...
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