We want to thank those who have honored us with these prestigious awards!
To God be all the glory!

Received Oct. 2000
from Evangelist Richard Van Cleve. Read his powerful testimony!

Received Sept. 2000
from Jitoo.
Received Oct. 2000
from By His Side.
WiN FREE Music!
Received Oct. 2000
from CrimsonLight.
Received Nov. 2000
from "Our Light House"
Received Dec. 2000
from "Glorify the Lord".
Received Jan. 2001
from "Acts Christian  Search & Directory".
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Received March 2001
from "The International Association of Web Masters and Designers" for recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.
Received September 2002
from "The WebMasters Alliance"  their Seal of Approval for meeting their high standards of excellence on the Web.